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ASH Women Take on New York!

Written by : Ashley Fournier


Back in November, the ASH women braved the cold for a trip to New York City. Setting aside their studies, they experienced life in Manhattan for one memorable weekend.

The highlight of their weekend was volunteering for the Covenant House, a charity that serves homeless and at-risk youth. The women worked in the Clothing Donation Closet by inspecting donations and organizing them. While the women sorted through socks, shirts, dress pants, and coats, the volunteer leaders spoke about the homeless youth living in New York.

Ebony Beckham, RA of Hanley House, shared her thoughts about the volunteer work. “It was fun to see everyone working together to benefit a greater cause,” she said. “I loved how so many of the girls opened up and asked questions to our host about the program.” The workers at the Covenant House were very appreciative that the ASH women took time to volunteer for their organization.

Another memorable part of the trip was visiting the 9-11 Memorial. The women found the memorial a sobering but important experience. Ebony Beckham shared her thoughts:

“The memorial was absolutely beautiful. I appreciated the tradition of visitors placing yellow roses on the names of those lost as somewhat of a tribute. Seeing the architecture of the memorial left me entirely speechless. There are still no words I could use to fully describe how it made me feel.”

But the trip was more than volunteering and visiting the memorial. On their first night in the city, the ASH women enjoyed a lovely 3-course dinner at Trattoria Trecolori, an Italian restaurant in Manhattan. They ate buffet-style, with main courses including salad, pasta, chicken, calamari, and salmon. For dessert, they had tiramisu. On Sunday, they had the opportunity to eat wherever they wanted. One group went to Planet Hollywood for lunch and ate at food trucks for dinner. Said Ebony, “One of the food trucks I went to had a steak kabob, with a special white sauce for dipping. It was amazing.”

During their free time, the women visited a variety of places, including Times Square, Central Park, China Town, and Little Italy. They enjoyed getting a taste of the diverse cultures throughout the city. And what trip to New York would be complete without shopping? In addition to looking at designer clothing stores, the women got to visit the M&M Store, the Hershey Store, and the Disney Store, making sure to get souvenirs.

Unfortunately, they women were not able to see the show they had scheduled, due to some confusion with the company they had purchased tickets from. However, the ASH women will be seeing a show in Columbus during Spring Semester to make up for the mishap.

Assistant Hall Director Hailey Lopez enjoyed the trip and shared her thoughts on the experience.

“Overall, the trip allowed some of the ladies to experience NYC for the first time and participate in community service,” Hailey said. “Living in ASH means having unique opportunities to explore new environments. These new environments ultimately add to the diversity of the ladies’ college experience and their development as individuals.”

Ebony Beckham also gave the trip a raving review. She described the trip as “a life-changing, adventure-filled weekend that allowed us to bond as the family that we are, give back to those who do for others, and be grateful for all that others do for us.”

It is responses like these from Hailey and Ebony that reflect the goodness and generosity that make up the Alumni Scholarship Housing program. The short weekend to New York broadened the college experience for many of the ASH women, giving them a new perspective as they continue their journey at The Ohio State University.IMG_20131108_215338 IMG_20131109_104846 IMG_20131109_145841 IMG_20131109_223053 IMG_20131109_223132 IMG_20131110_110544 IMG_20131110_110620 PANO_20131110_113837

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